“We Are Not Consumed”


Lamentations 3: 22-26

22. Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed,

for his compassions never fail.

23. They are new every morning;

great is your faithfulness.

24. I say to myself, “The Lord is my portion;

therefore I will wait for him.”

25. The Lord is good to those whose hope is in him,

to the one who seeks him;

26. it is good to wait quietly 

for the salvation of the Lord.

It is amazing what we can see when we actually pay attention and open our eyes.  If you pray to the Lord for wisdom, understanding, or about anything, PLEASE pay attention!  He will show you or tell you but, often times, we are not paying attention.  Or we get a response and do not like the answer so, we keep praying and become frustrated with God.  But, really it’s us wanting life to be the way we want it to be and wanting a particular situation to go in the manner that we think is best.  The problem is, the way we would have a situation work out, is not the best way for us to grow spiritually.

Let’s think about this:  for those that put God at the top of their priority list, we have to be ready for what that entails.  That earnest desire to serve Him comes from loving Him which comes from having a relationship with Him.  That relationship is going to involve love and trust. We have to love God and in order to love Him we have to have a deep understanding of who He is.  Yes, He is many things: healer, provider, giver of peace, life itself… He is all.  So, to fully comprehend God and who He is, we’re going to have to go through some really difficult situations in our lives.  Situations that don’t often seem fair or make any sense but as we see, draw us closer to Him because it is in those trying times that we cry out to Him.  I’m not going to lie, it’s hard.  It can be very, very hard. ” Why did my daughter have to be born so early and still be going to physical therapy 4 years later? ” (Please note: I have never questioned God and why He has chosen me to be the mother of my daughter.  I know I am blessed with her in my life and I thank Him for her daily. The question is included to make the point that we all face difficulties.)

But why not me?

She’s a beautiful, amazing ray of light.  And I have come to realize (after a nice phone call with my Pastor) that without the trying moments that have come, I may not be as close to my Creator as I am now.  I may not have felt the need to teach my daughter about Him and the Bible.

Because, really, we know that when we’re riding high in life, we forget where our blessings come from.  And that’s not right because He gives us all that we have and so, we should rejoice in the difficulties that we have because they draw us closer to our Creator.  That’s so wonderful when you think about it because He WANTS to have that relationship with us.  That was the original plan until Adam and Eve got hungry. SMH

The Scripture from the book of Lamentations was so beautiful and on time because outside of what is usually going on day to day, this week has had some newly trying moments.  Verses 22 and 23 say:

Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed,

for his compassions never fail.

23. They are new every morning;

That is so awesome!  We are not consumed BECAUSE He loves us so much!  Every morning He provides us with more compassion.  EVERY DAY!  So, friends, know that even though it may be hard, it will not consume you.  Our Heavenly Father loves you so much and will give you the strength that you need for this day…and the next….and the next…and the next.

Let me know how your week has been?  Have you felt the presence of God..even if certain situations were difficult?





What can I say?

It has been a really, really long time since I have written for public consumption.

I started this blog as an outlet for a voice that I am still learning how to use.  I began this blog because I started a journey of self discovery of God’s purpose for my life.  It can be so disorienting to feel as though you do not know what you were created for in this life.  So, I wrote.  I wrote in order to share, I wrote in order to learn, I wrote in order to grow.

But, then I got scared.  (I’m being honest, don’t judge me).  I guess you can call it scared.  I became overwhelmed by the magnitude of being open and vulnerable to the opinions and judgments of others.  I became overwhelmed because I kept trying to think that I had to fit in every box and be welcomed by every one.  But, I know that’s not possible.  It’s not very logical either (remember, don’t judge me).

I know the Bible says, “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.”  (2 Timothy 1:7 NIV)  But, I’ll admit, I was timid.  The doubt and insecurities got the better of me.  Time and time again.  So, one day away from writing turned into two, which rolled into a week and, well, you get where this goes.  I kept on believing the lies. “Your words are worthless.”  “Nobody cares about what you have to say.”  “What if what you write about is too different?”  “You want to write about God and spirituality?  You shouldn’t do that!”  But, you know who that father of lies is.  (Hint:  John 8:44)  And he is really, really on his job to keep us from walking in God’s purpose for our lives and I was letting him derail me and God’s plans for my life.

I can see now that I wasn’t secure in who I am in Christ.  I began this journey in order to learn His will for my life but that won’t be possible if I am not diligent in the assignments the Holy Spirit imparts on me to undertake.  I will never be comfortable in who I am or discover my gifts if I don’t walk in the truth of doing the things that I enjoy.  It’s just that simple sometimes.  Yet, I doubted it.  I doubted who I am and compared myself to others and that’s when I started making excuses as to why I didn’t need to continue on writing.

And now, I’m tired of being that Samantha.  That’s not really who I am but, I had to realize that for myself.  My eyes have been opened recently and I am so thankful because I am ready to explore who I am in Christ and to share that with everyone.  So, I’m going to dig deep, pray often, study my Word and “live by faith, not by sight.” (2 Corinthians 5:7 NIV)

Here goes…