Grandma’s Off Tonight…

So, that means she gets some quality time with her granddaughter for the night…

Dancing baby

“See you later, baby!  Be good for grandma!  Mommy loves you!”

Beyonce Gif

……..”DAAATE NIIIGGHHTT!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Ross and Rachel

Will Smith Dance

I LOVE my baby, y’all.  It’s just been a while since Dad and I have had a date night.  I’m excited!  Can you tell??!!

Big Lebowski Dance

Dancing Bear

Do you have any special plans for the weekend?  Share them in the comments.

Be Safe,



5 thoughts on “Grandma’s Off Tonight…

    1. I haven’t been to my museum in sooo loong and I’ve been itching to because they have a special exhibit on Imperial China that has come for a few weeks. I think it’ll only be here a few more days! Where did the time go?
      Sounds like a good weekend to me. I love the museum.

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