Inspiration not Envy

There are sooo many wonderful bloggers in the WORLD and, I promise, it seems as if they are ALL on WordPress in some form or fashion!

We have had multiple assignments in the past few days in Blogging 101.  Many of them have been pushing some of us that are more of the wallflower breed, out of our comfort zones.  I have been searching through various subjects and topics, I have seen so many blog design templates, subjects, drawings, comments, and ideas.  WOOOWEEE!!!  I feel like a tourist seeing the bright lights of Time Square for the first time.

I see photo bloggers on my left (click,click), I take a (mental) picture.  I see really funny blogs on my right, (click, click).  I see blogs that encourage, support, and motivate (click,click,click)…so many pictures!!

In this endless see of creativity and beautiful individuality, I must remember and recollect that I am unique and different as well. I cannot second guess myself and my ideas because someone else did something completely different and mega amazing!

So, in support of just a portion of these awesome creators of uniqueness, I would like to share this post by an awesome individual that lives half a world away but has reignited my love for photography.  Her latest post included just four photos that were so simple yet beautiful.  Pictures can really speak volumes.

And because I do not think it’s fair to include only one awesome creature, I commented on another post by a blogger buddy in response to a subject that many of us face:  what are we supposed to do with our lives.  It hit home for me because that’s part of what I’m seeking.  It was nice to know that I’m not alone in asking of myself and the Creator, “What’s my purpose?”

Psalm 139:14


10 thoughts on “Inspiration not Envy

  1. Wow thank you Samantha! I have enjoyed following you since we met in 101 school 😊 and I am humbled by your post here. This is what I love about our blogging universe – we can all find inspiration from each other. I have learned so much and gained friendships here that may never have happened anywhere else. You are an inspiration for writing this post, for reaching out and for sharing what you’ve learned, lived and laughed about. I am thrilled to be continuing this journey alongside you (and from half a world away😉). X


  2. I have been blogging for about 10 months. I haven’t posted a ton of articles, but I love to write when I can fit it into my crazy busy life. It has been so fun to “meet” new friends along the way. And you are right, there are so many different blogs out there! I love your idea of inspiration vs. envy, because it’s just such a human thing to compare ourselves to others. I have definitely been guilty of that a time or two on this blogging journey. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff!


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