A Little Love Would Have Been Nice

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As many of you my know, I have just created a blog.  The thing is, I had not told my family, yet.  First, because I was not sure I would have the gumption to do it.  Then, when I did create the blog, I did not know if I would follow through.  Thirdly, as I have inched along, I’ve just been wavering back and forth with my own insecurities (this process can be overwhelming and intimidating).

So, it’s been about a month and I decided to share the news with my family today.  I was on the phone with my younger sister and I figure that I would tell her because she tends to be the mouth piece of the house hold.  I proceed to tell her, (I’m paraphrasing here)

Hey sis, you know, I’ve created this blog.  It’s pretty new and I’m really still trying to figure out my voice and point of view.  I had not told you guys earlier because I was pretty nervous but, figured it’s been a month so, I wanted to let you all know what I was up to.

No joke, she was completely silent the whole time and then said, “Oh, our brother has one of those.  He has like two millions followers.”

What?!  First of all, I did not know my younger brother was on pop star status on his blog!!!  No one told me!!

Second, there was no, “Hey good job, sis.”  “What’s the website?  We’ll check it out.  Show you some support.”  Zip.  Zilch.  Nada.

Growing up, we were not an openly affectionate family so, not a lot of kisses and hugging and all that mushy stuff.  Yet!  I was still hoping for a little, “Oh, cool!”  or even a semi-enthusiastic, “What’s it about?”  My big little brother (that’s what I call him because he’s younger but physically bigger), I wrote him about in prison and he writes me back and is like, “yeah, sis!” and he’s shooting off ideas and all that!

Oh well, I’m not super surprised but, it would have been nice to hear a little happiness in the response I heard over the phone.  I’m still gonna keep on keeping on, though.

What do you all think of not so supportive supporters?  Have you ever encountered them and if so, did it stop you or motivate you even more?

Much Love,


Psalm 118:8


13 thoughts on “A Little Love Would Have Been Nice

  1. Hi Sam: Wow! You could be writing my story. I haven’t yet told my family and none of my friends, for the exact reasons you noted. I expect the same response. I am sorry you family isn’t supportive and don’t understand how scary this giant step is for you. You have shown much courage putting yourself forward. Don’t worry, you are doing a great job! I for one am supremely happy you have taken up the pen, so to say and are using your voice in this way. Keep it up and love is shown in very many ways, not always how you expect it. In Light & Love Cheryle

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  2. Love your writing style.

    I write for myself and have been selective about inviting my family to the blog – not sure why, but I’ll include them as i get more settled into the blog process – and if I can remember to mention or email it to Mom.

    I was hesitant to have my husband follow me because he is often a part of my storyline as I tell about life with Steve in Steveland. But it’ working out OK.



  3. My family is a mixed bag. My parents are super supportive, my sisters are insanely jealous of everything that I do, and my kid is proud, but disinterested. How supportive have you been of their projects?


    1. I have been super supportive, when they have stuff going on. I’m big sis and I don’t take it lightly. I encourage them with school and give advice in regards to their jobs. I always let them know I’m available to talk, listen, whatever they need.

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  4. Friend, as long as you’re happy with your decision and excited over the possibilities, don’t worry about what others think or say or don’t say! You be your own cheerleader! When I told my family, I announced it to them like I’d won the lottery or something! And they’re were all excited with me and have shown great support (my sister is frustrated because she can’t figure out how to follow!). But I announced it for ME, not for what I hoped they’d say or do. I’ll keep writing and posting if only one person reads… All to His glory! You’re a great writer!

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