Polar Bears and Cold Cats

Hey you!

Let me first start off by saying that I just came in from making a run to the store and it is colder than a polar bear’s nip nips out there!  My goodness!  It is COLD over here on the east coast! And you know, I am usually one to say I prefer the cold over the heat because in extreme heat, you could get completely butt naked (is it butt naked or buck naked) but, guess what, you’re still hot.  In the cold weather, you can layer, layer, layer, layer, and layer some more.  But, you know what?  I don’t live anywhere that sees consistently sub-zero temperatures so, if any of you out there, know of consistently freezing weather, tell me if my cold over heat logic makes sense.  Please.  🙂 On the flip side of that, anyone out there live in a warmer climate?  Do you prefer that hands down or would you like a taste of hypothermia every now and again?

All I know is that stray cats in my neighborhood haven’t been seen in quite a while.  Poor things, must have gone south when the cold hit.

cat on snow roof

So, dream reader, I have much more where that came from!  On my end, I intend to explore all areas of my creativity on this blog space.  I can go off on a tangent from time to time  (or a lot).  And I dream big dreams and like to try new things so, you may not be able to put a label on me but that’s fine because they can be so restrictive.  I may share my favorite scripture with you one day and talk about a dish I prepared the next.  I’ll talk about difficult times in my life, good ones, ask you questions…who knows?  But, I want this to be a place of truth, encouragement, learning, and caring.  After you’ve left, I want you to be glad that you came by.

I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, and a friend.  I could probably give myself some other titles but, I’m tired.  My dream reader is whoever comes to this page and feels a connection with what I’m saying.  Period.  I have almost talked myself out of doing this for so long out of fear of…I don’t know…feeling inadequate and not knowledgeable enough or not being accepted or a million other reasons.  And I do not want to limit or put a name or face or type to who connects with me on this platform.

So, to dream readers current and future, welcome and thank you.

how this turns out


8 thoughts on “Polar Bears and Cold Cats

  1. Hey there – love that last picture, lol.
    I’ve always lived in warm, humid places, but I love cold weather fir the same reason. I always say what you said – when it’s cold, you can get warm with clothing and blankets and coffee, but when it’s hot, really hot, there’s only so many items of clothing you can (safely) remove!

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  2. Hey Seekingsamantha! Love your post, an authentic voice. Having just been through a few days of over 40 degrees (that’s celcius ….around 108 F) I would gladly swap places for a while!

    Dream big and live in the present! 🙂


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