It’s A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood


I took this photo on a rainy afternoon.  That’s a beautiful day to me, I love the rain!

Today’s assignment in blogging 101 is for the participants to venture out, look around, and see what other blogs are out there and start building a community.

Wow!  I know there are many blogs in the world but, wow!  There is something for everyone and I did not and could not look through all of the blogs in WordPress alone.  For example, did you know that there is a blog that provides visitors with cute videos.  Yes!  You heard me correctly, cute videos!   (But, who doesn’t like a little kitten in a box every now and again?)  There was another blog that surprised me but, I looked at so many, that I forgot the subject.

I’ve seen photos from Tokyo and weddings in southeast Asia.  How amazing that I can travel the world from the comfort of my couch while I look at a reality show about people who make furniture!  I have met bloggers from Canada, Australia, and Ger-man-y…I think.  (Her blog is in a different language, that’s my best guess.)  And this is only day 3 of Blogging 101!

We live in a big world and the internet makes it a little bit smaller.  I don’t have the means to travel around the world (yet) but I have already been to a few countries in the past 3 days.  What a blessing!



5 thoughts on “It’s A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood

  1. It is a beautiful day in the neighbourhood. I like your style. Yes, it is nice to be able to travel the world without leaving the comfort of your own zone. Look forward to reading more. kind Regards Cheryle


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