It’s That Time of Yeeeeaaarrr


(Inhales deep)

Do you smell that?  That smell, my friend, is the smell of that wonderful time of year when some people become inexplicably nicer and others get stickier fingers.  The time of year when so many people who could not make ends meet previously through out the year, find the funds to buy video games, sneakers, and televisions all through the promise of “unheard of discount prices.”

Now, please, don’t get me wrong…I enjoy the Christmas holiday season.  I love the crisp, cold, air in your nostrils.  I enjoy the faint smell of the wood burning fireplaces as you walk outside.  I love the Christmas decorations!  The brighter the better!  I’m like a kid in a candy store when I take to the streets looking for decorations after Thanksgiving.

My husband, on the other hand, has become quite the Scrooge.  He dreads when the radio stations turn to all Christmas music.  He cringes and mocks all of the commercials that try to shove us into the stores like we have no ounce of good sense in seeing what these companies are up to.  People are trampling each other for toys and a pair of sneakers!!  I understand his angst.  I understand that companies are in the business of making money and it helps “make the world go round” so to speak but, I pray that we don’t get lost in consumerism.

I cannot give anyone a physical gift this year but anyone that may read this, I can give you this:  The point of Christmas is that we have all been given A Gift.  We may not have all accepted The Gift but It was given to us.  Jesus Christ came from the Father and lived a sinless life on Earth and then died on the cross that we may live.  That we may live in love, joy, peace, and free from condemnation.

There is nothing wrong in giving gifts to people that we love and care about but, let us not forget WHY we celebrate Christmas.  Let us not forget to use our freedom of speech to share that message with those placed before us.

Merry Christmas


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