It’s That Time of Yeeeeaaarrr


(Inhales deep)

Do you smell that?  That smell, my friend, is the smell of that wonderful time of year when some people become inexplicably nicer and others get stickier fingers.  The time of year when so many people who could not make ends meet previously through out the year, find the funds to buy video games, sneakers, and televisions all through the promise of “unheard of discount prices.”

Now, please, don’t get me wrong…I enjoy the Christmas holiday season.  I love the crisp, cold, air in your nostrils.  I enjoy the faint smell of the wood burning fireplaces as you walk outside.  I love the Christmas decorations!  The brighter the better!  I’m like a kid in a candy store when I take to the streets looking for decorations after Thanksgiving.

My husband, on the other hand, has become quite the Scrooge.  He dreads when the radio stations turn to all Christmas music.  He cringes and mocks all of the commercials that try to shove us into the stores like we have no ounce of good sense in seeing what these companies are up to.  People are trampling each other for toys and a pair of sneakers!!  I understand his angst.  I understand that companies are in the business of making money and it helps “make the world go round” so to speak but, I pray that we don’t get lost in consumerism.

I cannot give anyone a physical gift this year but anyone that may read this, I can give you this:  The point of Christmas is that we have all been given A Gift.  We may not have all accepted The Gift but It was given to us.  Jesus Christ came from the Father and lived a sinless life on Earth and then died on the cross that we may live.  That we may live in love, joy, peace, and free from condemnation.

There is nothing wrong in giving gifts to people that we love and care about but, let us not forget WHY we celebrate Christmas.  Let us not forget to use our freedom of speech to share that message with those placed before us.

Merry Christmas


To Move or Not to Move?


So, here’s the thing:  We’re about to wrap up 2014 and at the beginning of this year, my husband, C., and I decided that we were going to move out of Virginia.  We were pumped about the idea! I told my Momma and he did the same. But here in the last week, C. has decided that he wants to buy a house!  Which is wonderful and all, because of course I want to own a home but, he’s been looking…in…Virginia.

Now wait a minute!  I thought we were ready to see this place in our rear view mirror as we drove off into the sunset?!  What happened?!

In all fairness, we are coming up on the deadline to sign our lease renewal, and my husband has been painstakingly working to improve his credit as well but, what’s the sudden hurry?  We can wait a little longer, right? And when you buy a house, you’re making a commitment.  In our case, we would be making a commitment to the state of Virginia and all the fine people to whom we’d be paying property taxes and all the other monies that would be involved in the purchase and maintenance of a home.

But, I don’t know…should we stay?  I mean what’s the harm in living where you’ve been living?  My family is here, C’s family is here, and, well, that’s about it.  Now don’t get me wrong, family is super important and all (especially since we have a two-year old) but, my immediate family and I moved here from New York over eighteen years ago and it was just us.

AAgghh!!  What to do?!?!  There’s the real problem; neither C. nor I are really certain.  We visited Florida back in June and enjoyed that so, we considered moving there but now we’re looking at Georgia. He’s been applying to jobs but, has yet to hear anything back.  Obviously, he would have to secure a job before we would be able to step foot across state lines.

We can’t make the decision between the two of us, it seems.  We’ve been praying about this thing from the beginning but God doesn’t speak as loudly to me the way He did with Abraham, Noah, and all those guys but we still have faith He’ll keep us on the right path.  So, the best we can do is take it one day at a time.

This morning, my husband turned in all the paperwork to see if we can be pre-approved for a loan.

Now we wait…

Have any of you nice people been in a similar predicament or just had a HUGE decision to make?  What did you do?

Proverbs 3:5,6

Photo Courtesy of: S.Fowlkes


The creation of this blog is all a part of a journey.  A journey of me trying to figure out more about myself.  What things I am capable of, what I am not capable of, and being okay with who I am as a complete person.  It may seem trivial and it may not be completely apparent as to how this blog will be a part of this process but, for me, it’s a step out of my box and into the unknown.  I am Samantha and I am seeking; seeking within myself, seeking more knowledge and experiences from this world.

I do not have a definite direction as to where I am going but that’s alright.  I have to learn to be alright with not knowing EVERYTHING. 

Proverbs 3:5,6